A Pretty Great Mother’s Day Video

I am so excited to share with you mamas that I am going to be partnering with Embassy Suites by Hilton this year, as part of their #prettygreat travel hacks program. Our family’s adventures are always fun and we create so many beautiful memories that I am happy to take you along with us for the ride and share tons of hacks along the way.

Speaking of rides, before we set out on this year’s travel adventures, I wanted to share this pretty great video from Embassy Suites by Hilton celebrating Mother’s Day.

It’s a surprising ride.

It’s a terrifying ride.

It’s a wonderful ride.

It’s a pretty great ride. 

Isn’t that the truth? Motherhood is the bravest ride I’ve ever taken and like the moms in the video, the scariest part is that I am in the drivers seat. Sometimes I don’t know where I am going but I try my best not to panic and to allow my internal GPS to guide me. So far, it looks  like we are heading in the right direction.

What’s your favorite part of the video?

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