2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Review


My little family and I kicked off the unofficial start of the summer with the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport on Memorial Day Weekend. As many of you may remember, earlier this year we reviewed the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander and I really loved driving it in the snow. So when I got the opportunity to unofficially start off the summer reviewing the sport version I thought it would be fun to see the differences in the cars. The Princess Fairy decided to name this car Diamond, and she’s been drawing the Mitsubishi 3 diamonds logo since. Here are a few things that we really liked about the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport:



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My first reaction when the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport was delivered to me was “Wow, this is a small SUV!” Seriously, this compact SUV is really COMPACT but that’s not a bad thing in New York City. After a brutal winter and a not so warm spring, everyone in our city was out on Memorial Day weekend and that made me really love this vehicle’s compact size.


We drove around what seemed forever for the kids in the back seat but was really only 20 minutes to find this awesome spot to hang out in Brooklyn. That made me really happy!


To make parking just a tad bit easier, this car has a backup camera which is always handy for street parking. I did wish that the backup camera had a sensor, that’s one thing I would definitely add to this car.



I was surprised to find that the trunk of this crossover was rather spacious. We stored water, snacks and the two millions layers of clothing that we still need for the transitioning spring to summer weather.


Another thing that we loved that’s very important for young parents is how affordbale gas is for this car. Let me tell you this car is very easy on gas and I think that’s what I loved about this car best. My pockets and I were truly impressed by how far one tank of gas took us.



This car’s interior is beautiful! Most of us with young families love leather seats and not having to worry about seats staining from a sippy cup leak or chocolate smeared fingers.  We loved the panoramic roof and how light and airy it made the car. What was a bit disappointing was that it wasn’t actually a sunroof so couldn’t be opened.

Sirius Radio

The kids and I had a blast belting out children’s tunes while listening to Sirius HD radio Children’s Place channel. This was to Mr. Rattles dismay but since I am a big kid at heart, I had a blast with the babies.

Overall, I think this will be an awesome car for families who are not interested in big cars and want a car with all wheel drive, modern features and good gas mileage. It’s the perfect size for small families, with 1 to 2 kids maybe with 1 pet.


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