10 Gifts That Will Wow The Modern Mom


We’re a tough group to shop for and honestly, we sometimes don’t even know what we want when people ask so I put together a list of things that I know you would LOVE to receive this holiday season. This list is filled with goodies you wouldn’t find on in other gift guides like apps that going to make you look better, gifts to help you become a better person and sweet ways to give back. 

1. Spafinder Wellness Gift Card

gift guide for moms
Did I see some glimmer of excitement in your eyes when you read that? Yep, I thought I did. This is one of the gifts you would probably enjoy the most. Spafinder is one of the best gifts you can receive as a mom, it’s a gift of self-care. You can use this wellness app for a day at the spa, a massage, manicure & pedicure, barre class, yoga or even travel. It’s the best gift for yourself and your mom friends who go, go, go and do, do, do for everyone but themselves.

2. Sugar Wish

This is the gift you can’t open in front of the kids because they would want it but it will definitely be one of your sweetest. I discovered Sugar Wish this fall at Beaches Moms and I absolutely love the concept and the candy. We all need a little sweetness in our day every so often so just imagine how sweet it would be to receive an email with a Sugar Wish eGift card. 

3. Hello Adventure Leather Passport Cover

If you’re a jetsetting mom who loves to travel or you plan to you plan to travel more in 2017? T,his gorgeous Hello Adventure leather passport cover is perfect and inexpensive below $15. Grab it here on Amazon!

4. Spanx Pointe Velvet Leggings

Okay, so these leggings should be a the top of the list because when we look good everything else falls in place. I recently received these leggings and they feel amazing on, they tightened up everything from my mommy tummy to my bum and I feel so fabulous in them. Get them here!

5. HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer 

It’s no secret that we are the Mamarazzi generation and we can’t take enough photos of our children so I think it’s safe to say that we will all appreciate the HP Sprocket Portable Printer. It fit’s perfectly in your purse and you can use it collect memories, do crafts and enjoy all the perfect family moments. I received mine as an early gift when I went to Jamaica and after using it for two months, I can tell you it’s great to have especially for travel and special family times.

6. Sprocket Paper 

Oh, and since you’re getting the Sprocket, stock up on extra paper because you’re going to burn right through it.

7. Kmart Giving Hat

If you follow me on social media, you know that last week, I posted photos of myself and the kids in our Kmart giving hat. As an ambassador for St. Jude’s Children’s research Hospital, I am really happy that Kmart is offering this really cute hat that not only encourages us to spread love this season but also at only $5 the hats are affordable, warm and we can all give them as a way to give donate the hospital. $1 from each purchase goes to St. Jude and Kmart have raised over $100 million to St. Jude which helps pay for treatment for kids with cancer.

8. Whose Shoes are you wearing transformational Planner

Whose shoes are you wearing?
If one of your 2017 goals is to get your life organized then you may want to add this planner to on your list. I love sisters, Christine and Julian and earlier this year I had the chance to read their amazing book, Whose Shoes are You Wearing so I’m really grateful that they came out with this planner for 2017. Now, I follow them both on social media and as moms, I’m always impressed by how much they’re doing for their community and their businesses while flourishing in their family. 

9. Toffee Fudge Cocoa Mix

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There is nothing we love to do during the holidays than relax with hot cocoa and I’m slightly addicted to this Toffee Fudge Cocoa Mix that I got from St. Jude’s gift shop.  Knowing you’re giving back will make you feel even warmer on the inside.

10. beGlammed






beGlammed is basically the Uber of the beauty world! This awesome app offers beauty on demand, you can have hair and makeup services wherever you are, whenever you want it. 
If my makeup looks extra fancy above, it’s because last week I was beGlammed, see what I did there 😉 at their pop-up bar at Macy’s 34th Street and I chatted with the lovely owner Maile who created the app to make life easier for busy women. beGlammed is definitely the perfect gift for us moms who don’t always have the chance to get glammed up or a new mom who wants to feel fabulous again. 

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