Pregnant Brain: That time I forgot my…



There is a hilarious video of Kim Kardashian heading out of her hotel in Paris in a sexy pastel pink suit with the meanest strut. She walks past all the awaiting paparazzi with the “Did you get my good side?” gleam in her eyes and when she gets to her waiting car looks in, pauses as she takes off her coat. Then she puts back on her coat, heads inside and comes back with adorable baby North. Did she forget Baby North in the hotel? According to Kim who addressed the video on Twitter, she was just checking the car for North’s car seat. I hate to throw another mom under the bus, so I am going with Kim’s response. Kim Kardashian,  probably have a staff of people to help her manage her life and if there was some logistic issue in regards to North, someone probably lost their job. Unlike Kim, I don’t have a staff to assist me in managing my life and my children. I keep them close by my side and that’s not a bother to me because I love and enjoy their company.

Now, there are some other things that I’ve forgotten because of the infamous mommy and pregnant brain. The funniest story that cracks me up to this day was one time that I forgot the car. While I was pregnant, it was hard for me to remember if I drove to the subway or took the bus. It was so bad that I had to put an alert on my phone as a reminder. There was one day in particular that I was really tired. Gosh, I couldn’t wait for work to be over so I could get a good spot on the train and SLEEP. That sleep was good, it was actually too good and I lost all of my short term memory. In my drowsy state, I went past  the stop that I had parked the car and even said to myself “I wish I drove today!”. Now, I get off the train, and there is a line wrapped around the block for the bus. I estimated that I would have to wait about 20 minutes for the bus. Again, I start wishing that I drove. It wasn’t very cold out that night so I decided to walk instead of take the bus. It’s only a 15-20 minute walk. Still, I think “I wish I drove!” but I don’t remember that I DID actually drive and the car is now parked a neighborhood away. So I walked home and by the time I got to my house, I felt really proud that tired and pregnant me had walked home. Yes, I know it was only 15 minutes but I’m pregnant damn it!

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While I was walking, I texted Mr. Rattles to brag about how nice it was out and that I (Pregnant Adanna) was walking home. His response:” What about the car?” I glimpse at the text and maybe my vision was blurred but I swear I saw “Why not take a cab?” Oh no, it’s way too nice outside and little ‘ole pregnant me is already walking home feeling empowered. So I get home, walk up the stairs glowing with my new found burst of energy. I’m enjoying my endorphin high and as I start to gloat in my accomplishment, he reminds me that I did in fact drive to the subway that morning. Thankfully, he was already dressed and prepared to get the car when he realized from my text that I had forgotten it.

Yes, it happens to the best of us! HOWEVER, I’ve never forgotten my kids anywhere. I keep them chained to me.
This a judgement-free zone moms!
Ever had a case of Pregnant Brain or Mommy Brain? I can’t wait to hear.
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