My Pregnancy Self-Care Routine    

My Pregnancy Self-Care Routine    

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It’s no secret that self-care is important to me. But as a mom of two currently pregnant with my third child, it also feels really difficult to keep up sometimes. I’m not capable of accomplishing as much as I used to, as fast as I used to, and so the time that I have to allocate to myself has decreased. I’m determined though because I know it’s important for me to be at my best as a mom. A few moms have reached out to ask me how I am managing to self-care while pregnant, and I want to share what’s been working for me.


I could literally sleep all day long while I’m pregnant, but I have responsibilities so it’s important that I have the best sleep when I can. At this point, this means lots of pillows to support my back and bottles of water on my nightstand to stay hydrated. Like many other pregnant women, the more comfortable that I am, the better I will sleep, and since I have to wake up to use the bathroom a few times at night, quality sleep is very important to me.

On the days when I wake up to use the bathroom and have a hard time falling back asleep, I take a nap during the day to make up for the lost hours. I try to listen to my body as much as possible and give it rest when it requires that.

Pregnant Self-Care Routine

Daily Walks

I’ve never been one of those girls who hit the gym hard during my pregnancies, but I love to walk. I walked a great deal while I was pregnant with my first two children and I plan to do the same with this baby. It helps that the kids love to get outside because they motivate me to go when I don’t feel like it.  I must say that usually when we return I feel more energetic than when I started.

Eating Well

Pregnancy Self-Care-Routine

I’ve never kept it a secret that I had gestational diabetes during my first pregnancy. It was a hard and at times frustrating experience but it made me stronger; it made me a Health Warrior. I was so focused to not get it again during my second pregnancy that I ate really well and never got it. This shocked every doctor that I’ve seen and serves as proof that I can be in control. My grandmother always used to say that ‘prevention is better than cure’ so that’s my mindset during this pregnancy.

While I ate some meals that would make me hang my head in shame during my first pregnancies, I’m focused on doing better this time around. I rely on a diet filled with dark leafy veggies, tons of smoothies, fruits and home cooked meals. I’ve been craving green smoothies a great deal over the past few weeks which power me up and make me feel so, so good.  Also, I can’t have enough tangerines and grapes too, they feel so good in my body.

While I eat great at home, the challenge is when I am on the run. Picking the kids up from school and running errands makes me hungry, and I’ve succumbed to some meals I’m not proud of. My fix for that is to now pack my snacks ahead of time. A serving of strawberries, my favorite Health Warrior dark chocolate chia seed bars, and a bottle of water always do the trick. The kids call it “mommy’s snack.” I love these bars because they taste incredible, and I never feel any guilt after having them since they are made from superfoods that are great for me, like chia seeds and dark chocolate. The chia seeds in these bars absorb water, which makes them swell, giving me that full feeling.  I also love the coconut flavor and the chocolate peanut butter. While I enjoy snacking, anything too sweet usually makes me feel awful so I love that these bars have only 4-5 grams of sugar which make them stand out in comparison to similar bars I’ve bought that are very sweet. They’re so good that my husband loves them too, and I plan to keep eating them after I have the baby. If you haven’t tried them yet, here is a special Discount Code–rattlesandheels30— for 30% off your purchase of Health Warrior bars on their website.

Alone time

During this pregnancy, I have two young children who I spend most of my time with. I love my little ones very much; they crack me up and they’re the best companions. But I’ve noticed that I can get very irritable if I don’t get enough alone time. I’ve been making it my priority to get away and have some time to myself over the past few weeks. It sounds simple but just having some time by myself makes a really big difference and I am calmer and less likely to get irritated.

Are you pregnant too? What’s your self-care routine?


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