6 Period Hacks for the Discreet Girl

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When it comes to my period and I being discreet is the name of the game. Maybe it’s because I was raised as an only child but period conversations make me a tad bit uncomfortable. I avoid them at all costs and I even go as far as to be discreet so other people wouldn’t start those conversations. Now, before you judge me as immature, while I like to be discreet I embrace my womanhood and everything that comes with it. I like to just live my life the way that I do when I don’t have my period, with confidence and style. In this post, I will share six discreet period hacks for the discreet girl who doesn’t want the whole world to know it’s that time of the month:



1. Wear Pantyliners

Every girl knows that there isn’t anything worst than a surprise start of your cycle. One way is to wear pantyliners a few days before you expect it to start, especially if it’s largely unpredictable. Wearing a panty liner will buy you time to get other supplies that you need.

2. Keep record of your cycle

Gone are the days with the big old calendar with the x out days, (y’all remember that, right?) These days, there are tons of apps that helps you to keep track and know exactly when your period would start so you could be prepared. I think using a period track app dramatically decreases your chances of accidents if you’re using it properly. I like using Life period Tracker as it also lets me take a record of my mood and symptoms.


3. Use Discreet Products



Use feminine care products with discreet packaging. U by Kotex® 3D Capture Core® With Xpress DRI is perfect because it’s packaging isn’t in the typical style that’s used for selling feminine products. This pad quickly draws in and locks away wetness, you can try it using this discount coupon at CVS.


The dark color of the box, black – suggests that the contents are private. Each product is individually wrapped in really pretty prints.

4. Wear clothing with pockets.

I like to stick to wearing my favorite pair of jeans with a fun t-shirt during this time. Wearing jeans gives me the advantage  of pockets. This is especially useful if you work in an office and you don’t want all of your coworkers in your business.

5. Wear thicker Fabrics

I’ve always been brave enough to wear light colors during that time of the month, but I do avoid thin fabrics. Since, I use products that I trust leaking isn’t a worry of mines, but I want to ensure that my body is  properly covered.

6. Change regularly

We all dread leaks!  The best way to deal with this is by changing regularly. Most products will indicate to you on the labels recommendations for changing times.


With these hacks in mind, you can focus on talking about women taking over the world with confidence and talent instead of complaining about why that time of the month sucks. Don’t forget to head over to Daily Break for some fun period games and a chance to win a $250 CVS gift card.

Any hacks you would like to add to this list?

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