The Best Non-Toxic Feminine Care Products

Best Non-Toxic Feminine Care Products

The Best Non-Toxic Feminine Care Products, I’ve tried! ps: I am not a medical professional, all information are based on my experience using products mentioned.

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I never considered feminine care products to be unsafe until a few years ago. I read an article in a magazine that made me question everything and inspired me to make some changes. According to the article, some feminine-care products had carcinogens, bleach, and chlorine plus other chemicals that could lead to fertility issues, heavier periods, and even cancer. This information was concerning to me, and I started to experiment with non-toxic feminine care products safer. I’ve tried a few products on the market, and I wanted to share the ones I liked the most — the best non-toxic feminine care products from tampons to menstrual cups, pads, and cleansers in my opinion.

Best Non-Toxic Feminine Care Products: Menstrual Cup

It took me a long time to get around to trying a menstrual cup; it sounded really messy and possibly uncomfortable. I finally gave in two years ago after a few friends in a group chat shared how much they like using them. I planned to try a few brands until I found one I preferred but ended up sticking to the first one, Diva Cup.

Diva Cup

Honestly, it took some trial and error to figure out how to properly insert the Diva Cup, but once I figured it out, it was a much better alternative. My favorite thing about it is I learn more about my flow; there are measurements, so I’m more informed when I go to the doctor. When I use the Diva Cup, I usually remove/clean it in the shower to avoid creating a mess. There are other popular brands like Lunette, Saalt and Lena menstrual cups that some of my friends prefer, but I’m happy with Diva Cup so far.

Best Non-Toxic Feminine Care Products: Pads

If you’re a pads kinda gal, I’ve tried a few different brands over the last few years. I’m not a big fan of pads (I have major trust issues), but they’re always great for backup to feel confident in the first few days of your period.

L. Cotton Pads

I’ve tried a few of the L. Cotton pads, and I like them all. They’re made of pure cotton and are comfortable. They have a wide range of sizes, and their overnight pads are like no other, I wish I has their overnight pads to use in the first few days post-partum after having my babies.

The Honey Pot Herbal Pads

I started using The Honey Pot cleanser and since I like it decided to try out their cotton pads. Their herbal pads are different from any other pads I’ve ever tried.

Wearing them is a whole experience as they give a bit of a tingling sensation, which I must admit takes a bit of getting used to. These pads are designed for women with cramps and other discomforts, and since I rarely have cramps, so I can’t tell you if they help, but I think they’re definitely worth giving a trying if you need relief. I do think they would also be great for new moms, and I know that they have products designed just for pregnancy and post-partum.

Always Pure

Always has been my go-to brand for years, and I believe they’ve mastered making pads. Always Infinity, for instance, keeps you so dry it’s lifechanging so when they debuted their cotton, chlorine-free pads, Always Pure I had to try them. These pads are great; they offer good protection and are comfortable.

Best Non-Toxic Feminine Care Products: Tampons

Tampax Pure

I’ve been a die-hard Tampax user since my late teens. It’s a brand that I trust enough that I would wear white and light colors without worrying, so I was thrilled to discover Tampax Pure. I read on Consumer Reports that natural tampons are less likely to cause Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS is still a worry with menstrual cups). Tampax Pure works just like the products I’ve used all these years, and I always keep one in my bags in case of an emergency.

Best Non-Toxic Feminine Care Products: Cleansers

The Honey Pot Cleanser & Wipes

I discovered The Honey Pot at Target and became such a big fan that I always keep their wipes and cleanser on hand. In the past, I’ve never been a huge fan of feminine care cleansers as my skin is sensitive, but The Honey Pot cleanser and wipes are really gentle, and I’ve no reactions or issues using them.

Anyways, these are some of the best products non-toxic feminine care products I’ve tried over the last few years. There are other products that I tried that didn’t make this list because I strongly disliked them, and I will be happy to update this list as I try out more brands. Also, if you would like me to try a particular product, let me know in the comment section below.

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