My Reusable Snapfish Tote and Travel Mug + Discount Code

Snapfish tote

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Ummm, I’m a little ashamed to admit this but I have some not so impressive habits. I drink my coffee or tea in disposable cups almost every day (face palm) and although I’m at the grocery store almost every day but I do not have a reusable tote. Urgh, I can just imagine you shaking your head at me and my million plastic bags, they come in handy to line wastebaskets around the house but I have to admit that I realized on Earth Day that I need to do better.


See, the kids and I took to Forest Park exploring off the beaten part trails and taking in the fresh air of the urban oasis.  No matter where we went in the park, there were volunteers cleaning up and I was really impressed their commitment to making a change for the earth. They inspired me and I started to think of ways that I could do better not just for myself but to set an example for my kiddos.


They’re learning from me and as I thought about the supermarket trip I was making right after the park, I couldn’t help but feel bad that once again I will be going home with more plastic bags.


Rattles and Heels-Snapfish

We took ended up taking a bunch of photos that day and instead of saving them in my camera until I ran into an old friend to show off my babies as I usually do, I decided to make reusable products with them.  I love using Snapfish to make photo products because the quality of the products is always impressive. You may remember we made my hubby a book and some cute magnets last Father’s Day.


So instead of wasting all those cups of coffee and tea on the go, I’m going to be using this travel tumbler. I’ve had for about 3 weeks now and it’s just perfect for when I am rushing around in the morning to get the kids out of the house. I love that it’s spill proof so I could drop it in my bag without worrying.

Snapfish tote

Reuseable Snapfish Tote

Also, I’ve been passing up on the plastic bags at the grocery store with my canvas tote and having the kids photo on it makes a great conversation starter. I’m definitely going to make another mug for my husband and bags for the kids grandmas.


Snapfish Tumbler and Tote

I know that I’m not the only mama needing a new reusable bag and travel mug so if you need one, take advantage of Snapfish’s exclusive coupon code for Rattles and Heels readers, ADANNAEARTH  and enjoy 60% off Everyday Canvas Totes and Travel Tumblers (15oz).  Yes, 60% off is a really nice deal, just place your order before  June 30, 2017, when it discount expires.


Do you use earth friendly reusable products?

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