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Back in the winter, I shared a “What’s in my bag”  short video  so I thought it was time to give you an update. I love reading “What’s in your Bag” posts on blogs and in magazines so I am excited to share what I carry around with me. It’s funny how us girls need to bring so many things wherever we go and guys well they just bring their wallet, phone, and keys.


This summer is a busy one for me! As I’ve shared I am constantly on the go with my kids making sure that they see everything that New York City has to offer. You may have noticed my red cross body Kate Spade bag in my Instagram photos, I wear it every day. It’s big enough to hold all my stuff and I love that I can keep my hands free to hold little hands and take selfies. Plus it’s cute!

So what’s inside my bag?



My phone is the epicenter of my bag, I have to return home if I forgot it on the charger. My kids use it to play games, we use it to take Instagram pictures and of course, I have to Tweet where I am. Using the phone that much means I have to charge it regularly so I never leave home without a portable charger. Documenting my kids entire childhood through photos is important so I keep a Selfie Stick on hand. Also, I always keep my headphones in my bag for listening to my favorite podcasts if I have to ride the subway.

Mom Stuff

As I’ve mentioned before that daughter has food allergies so I always walk with her EpiPen for safety. I no longer have a big first aid kit but I keep a bandaid in my bag  and of course Hand Sanitizer for all the icky places like the subway.


I love walking but since we go further than our immediate neighborhood on most days I always have my car keys and Metrocard on hand. These days I remember if I drove to the train or not (You have to be a long time reader to get that inside joke or read here). I do have to confess that I can’t ever find my keys. I’m the lady who pulls everything out of her bag to find her keys.




I always walk with a pen in case I need to sign something while I’m running errands or at a blogging event. Business cards are always in my bag because I run into women all the time who I think would enjoy reading this blog and I tell them about it and give them my card 🙂


Now you know you your hands get super dry when you wash them. Even sometimes in the summer, they look awful so I always have hand cream in my bag. As I mentioned in my video on my favorite products for oily skin, I love blotting sheets and always use them. I’m one of those people who likes perfume samples. I loved them since I was a kid and whenever I purchase new perfume and I get samples it’s more of a thrill to me than the actual purchase. I keep perfume samples in my bag and I try not to go to crazy and spray too much but if I am on a little date with Mr. Rattles I may splash some extra. It’s no secret that I am a bold lips kind of girl so I always have my lip balm, lipstick and mirror on hand. Plus, I have this adorable floral pocket mirror that says Daydream that I absolutely adore.


Personal Hygiene

I always walk with deodorant because I am human and it’s summer and those two things combine means I sweat. Besides deodorant, I stash Tampax Pocket Pearl tampons which I purchased at Target in my bag. Firstly, these are the cutest Tampon wrappers that I’ve ever seen. The design looks like a cute print on a dress that I would totally LOVE. These come in the cutest little packets that you can discreetly put in your on-the-go bag and you can proudly walk to the bathroom. Oh, I love them and trust me I need to see something pretty when it’s that time of the month. Although, these are smaller than the original Tampax Pearl they offer the same level of protection which we all know is very important when we’re on the go. I’ve been using Tampax Pearl for the past few years and I keep those at home and use Tampax Pocket Pearl when I’m getting on the road or around town.

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Adanna Dill
Adanna Dill

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